Meet EE Labs!

Throughout history, in good times and bad, great companies have capitalised on market disruptions to deliver breakthrough innovations and enduring value to their customers.

That’s what we do at EE Labs.

We tackle real-world problems head on, convert them into research projects and come up with solutions that are tried and tested. The end result directly benefits our delivery services, helping our clients reduce the time-to-market.

First success story: Tayra MongoDB

London, UK, 15th February 2013 – Equal Experts – a multi-award winning global consultancy that builds bespoke enterprise software for blue chip clients – has launched a new product, research and development division called EE Labs. The purpose of EE Labs is to take real-world problems and convert them into research projects that then feedback to solutions to be tried and tested.

“We believe this approach is an organic formula to create time-tested products,” said Thomas Granier, Founder and MD of Equal Experts. “Our clients will benefit directly from EE Labs as we will provide first hand input into our research. This feedback loop will also keep EE Labs focused on the real world practical concerns of our clients,” Thomas added.

EE Labs’ first product has already been published as open-source. Tayra – an incremental backup and restore utility for MongoDB that frees your devops from worrying about data corruption or loss – has been built by EE Labs to allow businesses to utilise the power and flexibility of MongoDB whilst protecting their data.

According to Dhaval Dalal, EE Labs, “After talking with a number of our customer operations teams, we found a strong case for developing an incremental backup tool for when data backup becomes more and more of a problem as the data size grows. Tayra has been built to resolve this issue and we are already getting positive feedback from our clients,” he adds.

“Our team at EE Labs is already hard at work on a number of other products and R&D projects. We look forward to rolling them out in the coming months and years for the benefit of our clients, projects and teams,” Thomas added.

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